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Our goal is to be one of the largest multifaceted information sources benefiting millions of people with our applications.


¿What is wavesplatform?

What Waves is and how it works. Waves is a network of blocks that allows customers to generate their own forms of tokens. … On a main platform of the block chain like Bitcoin


What is Heath?

Our platform

Heath was born in October 2018 with the idea of being able to help all people in need regardless of geographical location or social stratum, we are all part of this project..

This token is created to give a second chance to all people who need it and also for those who do not need it but want to increase their profits, this is why the facility to acquire this token.

"because being part of the initiative"

Dare! By being part of that initiative you join a team of social spirit, innovative, inclusive and democratic, committed to the development of new technologies that can be implemented in a positive way in society through the world of the Criptomoney and Blockchain Technology, which in recent years has become of massive impact to society, each time with new ideas which benefit users who dare and submerge into this world. Also you will be able to experiment new options in acquisition of Tokens through Heath whose obtaining is of easy, dynamic and entertaining way, which was developed from the Blockchain of wavesplatform. Translated with

November 2018?

In November 2018 the first launch is made where you can find all the information about Heath, its progress and upcoming projects.

December 2018?

In December 2018 is launched conversation forum in which users are paid with Heath token for their contributions and thus start distributing the Heath token.

February 2019?

In February 2019, for Heath to be even more massive and reach more people an app is created where the user is rewarded for each correct result, this app is Suma Heath and can be downloaded from this link is currently only for Android.

March 2019?

In March 2019 a new Hosting service is added with this begins to give value to the token and along with this service is created for the integration of Heath in shops and thus validate the token and give greater value.

Inclusive Blockchain integration with the World?

Heath’s integration into businesses takes place in two ways:
1.- By means of an application for Androi and iOS cell phones.
2.- Through a device Pos.
With this the shops will be able to receive crypto coins as a form of payment and also verder crypto coins.
Benefits : 
A. With this the trades will be able to receive cryptomoney as a form of payment and also verder cryptomoney.

B With this the Associated Commerce will offer an alternative more payment to their customers but a service more and add more value to your business.




Founders of Heath