Heath English

To create a Heath address and start receiving our Tokens we must do the following:

Step 1

Go to https://wavesplatform.com/ and click on Online Client

Step 2

Ahora click en Create a new account

Step 3

Choose an Avatar and click Continue

Step 4

CInventamos un Username and Password

Step 5

Damos click en Back up now y después en I understand

Step 6

CopiWe copy the Seed Are 15 words that we can not lose because without these we can not recover our account. you must be very clear that there is no way to recover these 15 words or seeds (Seed)

Now click on «I wrote it.»

Step 7

Now click on «I wrote it.»

Step 8

Le damos check en los tres cuadros y luego Confirm and begin

Step 9

And we’re already inside the platform

Step 10

To get our address from Heath, we go where our Avatar is.

The address you’re showing us will serve Heath and Waves.

Step 11

To change our Heath for other Token or Criptomoney, click on the graph.

Then in the search engine we write Heath.