Heath English

Heath Find is a conversation forum where you will find various topics such as News, Sports, Video Games, Recipes, Religion, Technology and many more, also has a section where you can expose your projects and thus get donations in Heath to carry them out, also if you want to create a topic and do not find the category there is a section of Suggestions where you can propose new categories.

The important thing is that you know that our mission is to be one of the largest sources of information, but to reach our goal we need your help creating topics in any of our forums.

In addition, for each topic you create or answers you submit, you will be compensated with Token Heath, which you can exchange for any other Token, Criptomoneda, Euros or Dollars on the Waves Exchange Platform at https://wavesplatform.com .

User range system

The truth is that there is no difference between the ranks except for the Prime Rank, users with this rank will receive every month Token Heath Find which are priced much higher than Token Heath.

User Ranges

  • You don’t have Range = 0 Minimum of messages.
  • Initial = 10 messages minimum.
  • Apprentice = 50 Minimum messages.
  • Average = 100 Minimum number of messages.
  • Advanced = 300 Minimum messages.
  • Expert = 500 messages minimum.
  • Vip = 1000 messages minimum.
  • Prime = 1600 Minimum Messages.

All ranks receive the same incentives except the Prime Rank which receives additional Token Heath Find directly to your Wallet.

How these Tokens are earned

What’s entertaining about Heath Find is its reward system that consists of:

  • Per attachment in a new publication: 0.01 Heath
  • For new surveys: 0.01 Heath
  • By option in a new survey: 0.01 Heath
  • Per word in a new topic: 0.01 Heath
  • By characters in a new topic: 0.01 Heath
  • Per word in a new answer: 0.01 Heath
  • By characters in a new answer: 0.01 Heath
  • Registration Bonus: 50.00 Heath
  • Bonus for the creation of new themes: 30.00% of probability of obtaining a
  • By new forum topic: 1.00 Heath
  • For forum replies: 0.50 Heath


  • Heath costs per warning: 10.00 Heath
  • Costs per forum topic: 0.01 Heath
  • Costs per forum response: 0.01 Heath

Heath Transfer

Here you can transfer some Heath.

Simply add the name of the recipient and the amount of Heath.

This option will allow you to make donations to other users or to make purchases in our Buying, Selling or Leasing section.

Heath Lottery

Here you can buy lottery tickets.

Sweepstakes is held every 2 hours.

Tickets have a value of 5 Heath, you can buy up to 5 tickets and get a prize of 50 Heath..

Heath Bank

The Bank is another feature of Heath Find.

Deposit your Heath and within 30 days get 10% interest earnings.

The minimum deposit is 1 Heath.

The minimum retreat is 10 Heath.

Heath Withdrawal or Fertilizer

To request the subscription or withdrawal of your Token Heath to your wallet there is a form where you will be asked to

  • User name
  • E-mail address
  • Address of your wallet

After that the subscription will be made to your account in the Exchange platform of Waves https://wavesplatform.com

Here a Video Tutorial from start to finish how to create a Heath address for your payments up to the tools for creating theme in Heath Find.